Dating for
Shy People

Free · Fun · Private

No pictures | No bios
No strangers | No swiping

Tell us directly who you like, and we'll tell you if they like you back. It's that simple.

Dating Reinvented

Enter the contact information of someone you already know (email, phone number, or Facebook profile), and we'll tell you if they like you back. It's that simple!


No profiles, bios, or pics; we don't even ask for your name.

Immediate Results

Tell us directly who you like, and we'll tell you if they like you back. No more swiping through 100's of strangers' profiles with no matches.


Pollen is free to use, and always will be!

Verified Profiles Only

Only match with people you already know in real life. No strangers, fake accounts, or bots - all accounts get verified.

No Dating App BS

We cut out the BS on other dating sites like membership tiers, ads, tickets, etc.


No one can see that you're on Pollen until you match. No accidentally running into your boss/co-workers/high school ex.

How It Works

Everyone's crushed on a friend before. Pollen makes it easy to check if the feeling is mutual without the risk of ruining your friendship.

Sign Up

Sign up with your phone number.

This stays private and is never shared.

Like Your Crushes

Enter the contact info of someone you already know.

We support the following ways to find people:

  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Facebook
  • Instagram (coming soon)
  • Snapchat (coming soon)
  • LinkedIn (coming soon
Get Matched

When someone enters your contact info (and you've already linked that contact info to your Pollen account), we'll notify you that you've Matched if the feeling is mutual!

(Optional) Get Even More Matches

Pollen works by associating you with a set of verified accounts, e.g. an email address, phone number, or Facebook profile.

Link additional accounts to make it easier for your crushes to Like you.

Don't Miss Out

Be the next to find love on Pollen.

Matched with Cute Girl in my Class

Ended up matching with someone super random in one of my classes. She's too private to use Tinder or Hinge but luckily had downloaded this app and liked me!

Khalil Batts
Free and Fast

It took less than a minute to sign up and start matching. As the name suggests, super simple!

Lilly Greene
Saved from the Friendzone

Was able to ask out a long time crush after we matched who I would've never had the confidence to ask out in real life. Thanks so much!

Kyle Chambers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We're an iOS app making it dead simple to find out if someone likes you.

You tell us directly who you like, and we tell you if the feeling is mutual.

No swiping, no bios, no BS.

You choose to tell us what contact info

We're built different.


  1. Respect your privacy: We don't require a bio, pictures, or even your name.
  2. Save you time: We let you directly tell us who you like, rather than forcing you to swipe through 100's of random profiles
  3. Take friendships to the next level: If you already know someone's email/phone number/Facebook profile, you can directly match with them!
  4. Don't play favorites: No membership tiers or account superpowers that put normal users at a disadvantage. Everyone deserves an equal shot at love.

Yes, we're free to use and always will be!

Everyone starts with a fixed number of Likes.

After you've used your Likes, we'll give you a free refill every couple days.

However, you can speed up this refill process by purchasing additional likes.

This is the only way we make money.


The nice thing is they don't need to be for you to Like them.

If someone you've liked hasn't joined Pollen, we'll save your Like in our database and notify you of a Match if/when that person signs up for a Pollen account.